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Our Lady of Fatima Old Students Welfare Association, Patiala (Regd)

Aim and Objectives Of Our Lady Of Fatima Old Students Welfare Association, Patiala (Regd.)
The Fatiman Association under the name Our Lady of Fatima Old Students Welfare Association, Patiala (Regd.) is a registered society, formed two years ago. The objectives and aims of the association:
1 To keep the Old Fatimans closely knit and in constant touch with each other and built camaraderie by bringing out a Directory, Newsletter, Maintaining website , holding meetings and Get togethers.
2 To help keep the family spirit of the school community going strong even after passing out from school.
3 To extend the ideals of school towards promoting national integration through the destruction of barriers of caste, creed, color, race and regionalism by extending the same through the medium of the members of our association on a larger scale.
4 To encourage the old students to take an active and abiding interest in the work and success of our Alma Mater.
5 To endeavor to live up to the motto "Onwards and Upwards."
6 To organise and facilitate activities in the areas of cultural, social, economic and educational fields, to keep alive the spirit of devotion for the pursuit of excellence in all the above areas and more particularly towards education and human resource development.
7 To help, encourage and assist the spread of education and to render assistance, make endowments, award scholarships to deserving students of school and for this purpose to take all steps as may be necessary.
8 To help in finding the avenues of employment or occupation and in acquiring technical, vocational and professional training to students associated with Our Lady of Fatima Convent School, Patiala.
9 To help old Fatimans in distress.
10 To do charity work for upliftment of poor, disabled and orphaned.