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final suggestions by the President
Dear Fatimans , I am, Kanwal Sekhon , of 1975 batch, the president of the alumni association( Our Lady Of Fatima Old Students Welfare association). The Association was registered in July 2012. I took over as president in May 2014 and have worked hard to increase the membership and to give back somehow to our alma mater. We started off with 80 members and today we are a family of 215 members. To connect the alumni of Fatima school with each other has been our endeavor. We have successfully created that bond among them that they have become friends from strangers with the common background of the school becoming their anchor. We introduced an interaction with the school in which the staff and students of the school celebrated Teachers day and Xmas together. The school honoured us and we in return honoured the Principal and staff of the school. Asheema Singh, our fellow member conducted a workshop with the senior class students on adolescent problems. Gautam seth sponsored two trophies for the best sportspersons for three years along with a cash award. We have given them out for two years in a row now. Last year we celebrated 1989 batch’s passing out silver jubilee. This year 1990 Batch were honoured for they have come a long way. We had appointed an election committee which was to conduct fair elections for the first time this reunion on 12th Dec. 2015 at Gymkhana Club Patiala. But unfortunately they did not conduct the elections . Four nominations were filed which were unopposed members of the Governing Council. They are Deepak Ohri as vice President, Ranbir Singh Grewal as Hony. Secretary , Dr. Vikas Tandon as Treasurer and Saurabh Kapoor as Joint Secretary. Right now there is no governing body that is functioning for the Association. My suggestion to make it functional would be to let the four above members take the lead and select their own president and other members of the executive. For that all concerned papers like the registration certificate , cheque book and receipt books with Ashwani Ahluwalia, S.P Singh and Dr. Swami Das should be handed over to Deepak Ohri and Dr. Vikas Tandon with immediate effect. As a parting remark I want to make certain observations – I have been an active person in acting, debating, sports etc in school .Today I’m a feature writer working with national and international newspapers and magazines. Apart from that I’m a career counselor as well. Communication and public relations are some of the fields I excel in. But the politics that has crept up in the Fatimans is beyond me. I started a whatsapp group in March 2014 in order for Fatimans to communicate freely with each other. Today parallel ten groups are running in which an handful of Fatimans are interacting . Many times immature bickering and quarrels are a common occurance. I was forced to intervene in spite of not being part of the conversation just because I was the president. In May 2015 our term as governing council was over that is why the executive council was cancelled but the intimation was not conveyed properly by the concerned members hence brought in a lot of resentment. As president I often asked the treasurer to give us the accounts statement of the year. But no effort was made thus in fact most of the members kept supporting the treasurer and encouraged him not to give the account statement to me. Why? I haven’t found an answer to that? He finally gave out the accounts statement to the governing council after one year and three months. We have given out our accounts for internal audit . A lot of discrepancies are in the accounts. We have received four complaints from members who has paid their membership money and their names do not figure in the membership list. These are Anand Khosla, Dr.Sattprakash Narula, Meera Sachdeva and Tejpal Singh. They had pay the money again to become members because no body is ready to accept the blame. Anand Khosla paid in Hotel Harbans on reunion in 2013, Dr Narula paid to two of the previous governing council members. Dr Atul Sachdeva paid for Meera , his sister, again in Hotel Harbans. Tejpal paid in Delhi May 2014 meet. Who is answerable to such discrepancies ? The previous governing council had split in between so important association papers were not handed over to us like the registration certificate, cheque book, accounts statement , letter heads, copy of the constitution etc., These members did not even pick up my phone or respond to my calls for one whole year. It was so difficult for us to make the account functional and register the new team with the registrar of societies. But finally we managed to do so . Also got our pan card with much effort by Saraubh Kapoor and Ranbir Grewal. During the election talks many of the members resorted to use abusive language against me. One of them even threatened me that he will break my legs if I come to vote on 12th Dec. A web of lies was built by some of the members and rest believed in them without so much patience as to cross check with me. I did not respond to any of the mud slinging because I think its beyond me to react to such immature and malefic monologues. The work that we do for the association is a voluntary work . We take out time from our busy schedule to devote time for the Association. But what one gets is such a response by fellow members which is a shameful act and should never be meted out to fellow Fatiman. Were these values that we were instilted with by the Sisters of Charity ? To be disrespectful to seniors and form your opinions which have no base what so ever has become a Fatiman trait. Some of the members want to party and resort to all sorts of indecent behavior be it breaking glasses in the restaurants where the meets are conducted or abusing the waiters. Getting drunk and not being aware of their actions has become a common sight in these meets. When we try to check such behavior we are abused and shouted at by the erring members. I appeal to all Fatimans to save the association and help in cleaning up this destructive atmosphere and work for any school related project. Such members that cause hurt emotionally to any fellow Fatiman should be shunned and disciplinary action should be taken against them. I bid good bye to all Fatimans and just say my intentions were always for the betterment of the association and the school. I will always be available to all those who want to remain in touch with me. Warm Regards Kanwal Sekhon.